Induction Guidance

We will provide all NQTs, Induction Tutors and Headteachers with a copy of our NQT Induction Handbook, as well as providing a handbook specifically for NQTs.

Full Statutory Guidance on NQT Induction is available here:

These documents and other relevant resources will be available on NQT Manager for NQTs, Induction Tutors and Headteachers to refer to during the induction period.

Leaving or changing school part way through the NQT Induction period

If an NQT joining your school has already completed part of their Induction with another school please complete the relevant section on the registration form or on NQT Manager. This needs to include the dates of their employment at their previous school(s), the FTE already completed and any absence during this time.

If an NQT registered with NQT South West resigns or leaves your school please let your Appropriate Body administrator know. If there is a period of employment remaining before the NQT leaves your school you can complete an Interim Assessment, which will then count towards their remaining NQT Induction.

We will notify the TRA that the NQT has left so that their new school can register the NQT with their Appropriate Body to complete the remainder of their NQT Induction period. There is no time limit for an NQT to complete their induction period but an NQT has only one chance to complete statutory induction.

Reducing the Induction period

In some exceptional circumstances the length of an induction period may be reduced. This must be agreed by both the Appropriate Body and Headteacher and is based on the NQT’s previous teaching experience. If you wish to reduce the induction period for your NQT please contact us in writing regarding this. We will usually ask an NQT to complete their first assessment with us before we undertake a visit and make a judgement on whether or not to reduce the induction period.

Extending the Induction period

The induction period is automatically extended prior to completion when an NQT’s absences during the period total 30 days or more (with the exception of statutory maternity leave). An NQT taking statutory maternity leave within their induction period may decide whether their induction should be extended (or further extended) to reflect the number of days absent for this purpose.

The Appropriate Body may decide at the end of the induction period to extend the period where this can be justified. The Appropriate Body determines the length of the extension, the procedure for assessments during it, and the recommendation at its end.

Quality Assurance

Each assessment is reviewed by our experienced NQT moderation team and personal feedback is provided to the NQT and their school.

Quality Assurance visits are conducted during the spring and summer terms following a moderation meeting by members of NQT South West where assessment forms are quality assured against the Teachers’ Standards. The purpose of these visits is to check that the right level of support is in place for the NQT to complete their induction period. Written feedback, including an action plan, is provided to the school following the visit.